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About Federal Assistance Law Division


The Federal Assistance Law Division assists the Commerce Department with all legal services associated with federal assistance. On this site you can find out contact information for the staff members, identify staff client assignments, the FALD Newsletter, read archived legal articles prepared by staff members, find a list of grant programs with supporting statutory citations linked to the statutes, administrative regulations, and Commerce policies governing the award of federal assistance by all of the bureaus within the Department.

Office Description

The Federal Assistance Law Division (FALD) of the Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Administration and Transactions is headed by a Chief and Deputy Chief. Staffed by eight attorneys and one administrative assistant, FALD attorneys are co-located with the three primary grants offices servicing the Department: at headquarters in Washington, D.C., at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s offices in Silver Spring, MD, and at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD.

FALD provides comprehensive legal guidance and advisory services to the Department's Grants Officers and program officials to support the establishment and implementation of the Department's financial assistance programs. FALD's legal services include providing statutory interpretation, assistance with the development of grant program regulations, review and clearance of all Notices of Funding Opportunity, and review of grant awards. Counsel also is rendered to the Grants Office staff on award documents and amendments, administrative matters, disputes, suspensions, terminations, cost disallowances, audit resolution, and audit appeals. FALD is the legal advisor to the non-procurement Debarring Official for financial assistance-related suspensions and debarments. FALD similarly counsels the Department's Grants Management Division to facilitate the establishment of Department-wide financial assistance policies and procedures and implementation of financial assistance guidance issued by the Office of Managment and Budget. FALD represents the Department in all federal assistance matters before the Government Accountability Office and serves as co-counsel to the Department of Justice in litigation involving claims under grants, cooperative agreements, loan guarantees and subsidies.

FALD Staff


Kim Taylor                             Admin. Asst.                KTaylor5@doc.gov

Percy Robinson                   Chief                               PRobinso@doc.gov
Laura Shin                             Deputy Chief               LShin@doc.gov

Caroline Danauy                Senior Counsel           CDanauy@doc.gov
Sarah Schwartz                  Senior Counsel           SSchwartz@doc.gov  
Lydia Grunstra                    Senior Counsel           LGrunstra@doc.gov

Jeff Joyner                          Senior Counsel            Jjoyner@doc.gov
Jana Patterson                 Senior Counsel            Jana.Patterson@noaa.gov
Ed Sharp                              Senior Counsel            Edward.Sharp@noaa.gov

Jeremy Schiffer                Senior Counsel             Jeremy.Schiffer@nist.gov
Jedd Vertman                   Senior Counsel             Jedd.Vertman@nist.gov


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