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The Division also is responsible for advising and providing clearance on all types of Departmental agreements.  Agreement formats most commonly used are the following:

(1) Standard Interagency Agreement (IAA) consists of two forms issued by FMS - Form 7600A, which sets forth General Terms and Conditions (GT&C), and Form 7600B, which sets forth specific Order Requirements and Funding Information (Order).  Treasury’s G-Invoicing Resources: IAA Instructions and Forms

(2) Economy Act Model Agreement permit the Department to purchase goods or services from other Federal agencies if the good or service is actually available, the purchase is in the best interest of the Government, the goods or services cannot be provided more cheaply or conveniently by the private sector, and the supplying agency is able to provide the good or service itself or by contract.

Economy Act Model Agreement Checklist

(3) Joint Project Model Agreement involve equitable sharing of costs with a non-profit or public organization on a matter of mutual interest.  The project must be essential to the furtherance of the Department’s programs and could not be accomplished more effectively without the other organization’s collaboration.

Joint Project Authority Agreement Checklist

(4) Intergovernmental Cooperation Act Model Agreementent involve requests by State or local governments related to statistical and other studies and compilations, development projects, training activities, surveys, reports and documents, where the State or local government pays all identifiable costs.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act Model Agreement Checklist

(5) Special Studies Agreements (Federal Model Agreement)/(Non-federal Model Agreement) concern requests by any personconcern requests by any person, firm, or public or private organization.  The studies may include special compilations, lists, bulletins, and report and the person or organization must pay all actual or estimated costs.

Special Studies Authority Federal Model Agreement Checklist

Special Studies Authority Non-federal Model Agreement Checklist

(6) Reimbursable Detail Model Agreement use when detailing employees to or from the Department.

Reimbursable Detail Model Agreement Checklist

(7) Non-reimbursable Detail Model Agreement used to detail employees to and from other Federal agencies on a non-reimbursable basis.

Non-reimbursable Detail Model Agreement Checklist

Bureau Specific Authorities

(1) Mutual Education and Cultural Exchange Act (MECEA) Model Agreement permit the International Trade Administration and the Bureau of Industry and Security to accept contributions of funds or services from any person or organization for the purposes of furthering their respective missions.

MECEA Collaborative Model Agreement Checklist

(2) Coast & Geodetic Survey Act (883e) Agreement (Federal Agencies)/(Non-federal Agencies) authorizes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to enter into agreements, with any State or subdivision, any Federal agency, or any public or private organization, or individual for surveys, investigations, and other activities authorized under the Act.

Coast and Geodetic Survey Act (883e) Model Agreement Checklist

NOTE: Agreements are subject to legal review and clearance in accordance with your office's policies and procedures.  For advice on the proper agreement format to follow contact the General Law Division, at (202) 482-5391.

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