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We have attached a number of useful template documents for you to use.  They are divided into two categories: those you can use and execute without further clearance, and those that need legal clearance. Please contact the General Law Division with any questions at (202) 482-5391.

The following templates DO NOT need further legal clearance IF you do not make changes. If changes are made, please submit to us for clearance:

  1. Authorization to Publish – please use this if an outside party asks you for permission to republish a Government work, for example, an article you have written.

  2. Speaker Release - Authorization to Publish and Likeness Agreement – please use this if an outside party asks you to speak at an event and asks for permission to use, reproduce, or distribute your presentation.
  3. Standard Likeness and Release – please use this if you—on behalf of the Department or your Bureau—wish to publish a photograph or video of an individual for a Departmental/Bureau purpose, e.g. photo of visitors to a National Marine Sanctuary that you wish to put on a Departmental/Bureau webpage. If, on the other hand, an outside party presents you with a release or similar document to request permission to use your image or likeness in connection with the performance of your official work duties (such as filming you while you perform your job), please forward any such document to General Law for review or see Template #2 above if you are speaking at an event.
  4. Nondisclosure Agreement– for outside parties who are giving us sensitive information that they do not wish us to disclose.

  5. Assignment to DOC/Bureau of copyright in third-party’s work – taken by non-Government personnel.

  6. License to DOC/Bureau of copyright in third-party’s work – taken by non-Government personnel.

The following templates require legal clearance. Please use them for drafting purposes and then submit for clearance:

  1. License to Use Trademark – a license permitting an outside party to use a Department trademark.

  2. License to Use another party’s trademark – a license permitting the Department to use an outside party’s trademark.

Social Media:

If you would like to use a social media application please begin the process by contacting the Director of Digital Strategy in the Office of Public Affairs at (202) 482-2556. For more information see the Department’s Use of Social Media/Web 2.0 in the Department of Commerce.

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Tools and Resources
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The Division also is responsible for advising and providing clearance on all types of Departmental agreements. Agreement formats most commonly used are the following: (1)...
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