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Under the leadership of Secretary Wilbur Ross, the Department of Commerce’s newly formed Regulatory Reform Task Force has begun to execute needed reforms to reduce regulatory burdens on the American people.  The Department is committed to pursuing regulatory activity that is clear, concise, and imposes the least possible burden on individuals, businesses, and state and local governments.  To this end, the Department’s Task Force is working diligently to make changes that will promote innovation and remove unnecessary hindrances on restrictive government permitting and approval requirements.  Thank you for visiting the Regulatory Reform Task Force webpage.

Presidential Actions 

Please find below several important presidential actions that the Regulatory Reform Task Force is currently working to address:

Executive Order 13771
Executive Order 13771 outlines the President’s regulatory reform agenda.
Executive Order 13777
Executive Order 13777 creates the Department of Commerce’s Regulatory Reform Task Force.
Executive Order 13783
Executive Order 13783 requires the Department to make specific proposals to increase energy opportunity and economic growth.
Executive Order 13807
Executive Order 13807 directs the Department to implement necessary streamlining initiatives to establish discipline and accountability in the environmental review and permitting process for infrastructure.


Public Participation

Public participation is essential to the Regulatory Reform Task Force’s efforts to identify, evaluate, and reform regulations that are outdated, unnecessary, ineffective, or unduly burdensome. The Department is committed to executing its regulatory reform agenda in a manner that is open, transparent, and in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act.  If you would like to identify areas for needed reform or propose rules for removal or modification, please insert in the space provided below.



Have comments, questions, or input regarding the Department of Commerce’s Regulatory Reform Task Force?  Please email


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